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Welcome to York Decking Co!

York Decking Co is a locally owned decking and pergola builder based North Yorkshire.

We offer premium decking services to private and business property owners in the Yorkshire region and have been trading for over 10 years.

Over the years, we have built hundreds of high-quality decks forcustomers who are renovating their home or garden and looking to extend their outdoor living space. We have a vast amount of expertise in wood decking, composite decking, pergolas, and verandahs.

At York Decking Co, we design and install custom decks and pergolas that surpass customers’ expectations. We comprehend that your needs are diverse, and in this manner, we utilise an assortment of woods, for example, merbau and spotted gum, to install your floors.

Our deck specialists are proficient, experienced, insured, and authorised to work in the York territory. In the event that you need to upgrade the convenience of your deck, our specialists will join balustrades and stairs into it.

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Timber Decking
As an expansion of your living space, timber decking can be utilized in the open air, bbq, and entertainment area for you and your family. Before we build a lumber deck, we talk with you to discuss design style, size and colour and what the decking is to to be used for.

At York Decking Co, we comprehend that decks are adaptable as far as shading, shape, and size, and we can make floors that are custom-made to your requirements.

We stock a wide range of timbers, and we can construct your decks utilising hardwood, softwood, or composite wood. We are focused on offering quality and affordable services to meet your financial plans and timetables.

Wood decking is fundamental for your outside living space, and it can carry a great deal of amusement to your family and guests. At York Decking Co, we can design and construct decks from a range of high quality timber wood materials.

Composite Decking
If you are looking for a long lasting, durable deck for your garden or patio, then you might want to consider composite or vinyl decking. These types of decks pack the most in terms of durability, all while being the environmentally friendly options. They represent a sustainable alternative to timber, as there is no longer any need to cut down as many trees with this process.

This does not mean that they are not durable. Composite was made to withstand harsh weather and rain – something that is very common in York. Plus, unlike timber, it won’t need as much maintenance – such as resealing, repainting, and re-staining.

If the decking has treated it correctly, the deck can last for as long as 30 years even under harsh weather. It is not only splinter-free and crack-resistant, but it is also very resistant to insect attacks. Composite is also resistant to rot, which is why it will not be affected by the unpredictable weather in York.

Composite or vinyl decking is often considered a more premium options for customers who are looking to stand out to their friends and neighbours, and the material is long lasting, requires very little maintenance and looks just like wood, which comes in a variety of different colours! It’s also used from recycled plastic so is environmentally friendly.


Types Of Decking Materials

  • Wood

Timber is one of the most affordable materials that are regularly utilized in decking. Our deck developers know about different woods, and they can install top decks for you.

If the floor around your pool isn’t level, don’t be troubled; our specialists have massive skill, and they can develop the deck off the ground.

To shield lumber decks from enduring or losing shading, you have to maintain them regularly. Our deck builders can stain and fix your lumber decks where applicable.

  • Composite wood

Numerous home owners lean toward composite woods over different materials since they are affordable and simple to keep up. Additionally, composite decks don’t blur regardless of their prolonged exposure to the daylight.

  • Durable & Low Maintenance 

In contrast to natural wood, composites are long-lasting and impervious to general wear and tears. Moreover, composites rarely curve, and they have guarantees of between 10 to 25 years.

  • Resistant to stains

Composite items are permeable, and they can withstand the development of stains on their surfaces.

  • Ease of installation

Composite products are fabricated in right designs, subsequently making their installation simple.

  • Friendly to bare feet

Composite woods rarely crack, and you can stroll over them on shoeless feet without feeling any torment.

Bendigo composite deck installation
A pergola gives an open air living space where you can take dinners and engage yourself in spite of the unfavourable climate conditions.

We are one of the main pergola builders in the York region. Our pergola specialists know about building structures that fulfil your guidelines.

The English winter’s can be harsh – don’t we know it! In the event that your house is hit with a storm or heavy winds, we will build protective walls around your pergola to secure you against the unfavourable climate

At York Decking Co, we invest wholeheartedly in our amazing client care. Over the years, we have offered unrivalled services that have borne stunning results to our customers.

Our deck experts have huge experience, and they can design and install pergolas for home and commercial property owners in the York area.

Our experts are acquainted with planning and coordinating an outwardly engaging rooftop into your pergola. Our specialists can develop a pergola utilising diverse rooftop styles, for example, peak, level, and curved.

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Here are the frequently asked questions from our clients, and the answers will help you make a suitable choice. 

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How long does it take to install a deck?

The normal installation will take 1 to 4 days relying upon the size of the project, materials included and what number of individuals taking a shot at it. A small garden of around 15m2 may just take 2 days, however for a job which requires removal of existing decking and bushes and so on, uncovering, could take as long as 4 days.

Is decking a good idea for my garden?

Decking is a wonderful method to expand your garden’s living & entertaining space. Regularly, it offers an additional social space ideal for kids playing, engaging, feasting, or unwinding. Basically, it’s one of the most alluring increases that can be made to a home at a reasonable expense.

Is decking cheaper than paving?

The expense of decking material is lower than that of paving material. Also, the construction cost of decking is lower than paving. Notwithstanding, the upkeep cost of pavers is not as much as decks. Furthermore, pavers may never require replacement like decks.

Can you put decking over paving?

Yes, if your concrete paving or patio is an eyesore, then you may decide against a costly tear-down and put decking over it instead. In most cases, even if your paving is damaged, it should be possible for you to deck over it. For this kind of patio decking, you also need to consider the following situations:

  • If your paving is extremely damaged or cracked, then any decking that you put over the surface might also sink – therefore, creating a low spot. Concrete that is setting will eventually stop sinking, so you may want to delay building the deck until that happens.
  • It will raise the patio level. Think about it, your pacing will also add a couple of inches – so, if you add a deck over the paving, the height will be double than normal. If there aren’t any doors nearby, then it might not be a problem – but if there are, you might find it difficult to open and close the doors.
  • If you have stairs that are connected to that paving, it might further complicate the project, as it might make the steps no longer equal. You also need to “coat” the steps with decking if you want them to retain the same height.

As long as you consider the above-mentioned aspects, there is no reason why you should not be able to put decking over paving.

How much does decking cost?

An ordinary decking task can cost somewhere in the range of £1,000-2,000 and typically takes 2-3 days to finish. This is variable depending upon the materials and size of the area. The most well known sorts of decking are either pre-treated softwood or hardwood which would be more costly and sturdy. For softwood, an area of around 15m2 would be approx £1,000 though the hardwood material could be £2,000 for a similar size territory.

What type of decking is best?

Softwoods, for example, pine and tidy will be the more practical choice, however should be appropriately kept up with a wood additive — as should any cuts in the wood. Cedar is an ideal softwood decision, being more environmentally friendly.

Hardwoods have seen growth in their popularity as of late, with species, for example, oak and teak giving a snazzy and current look and feel, while additionally offering a lot of toughness — which is fundamental for a gorgeous and safe decking.

What is the best decking material?

Both wooden decks and composite decks are right now mainstream choices for decking. In any case, the best decking material ought to consummately suit your space. Along these lines, you have to find some kind of harmony/bargain between spending plan, simplicity of upkeep, atmosphere, and overall aesthetic..

How do you remove stains and discolouration from a timber deck?

Discolouration is generally brought about by mould, and it usually occurs in composite decks. A deck is inclined to discolouration in the event that it remains in concealed territories or wet for the duration of a day. A dark spot on a wooden deck can be taken out by utilising a mellow chemical. On a composite deck, utilise a delicate fibre brush, cleanser, and warm water to clear off any mould.

Can you pressure wash your decking?

Yes, you may easily pressure-wash a deck. This process can actually bring the old colour back and make it more vibrant. Bear in mind that a low-pressure setting is necessary, and your unit should not go any higher than 1,200 PSI. If you are working with wood, then you might want to consider finishing off with a sealant to protect your deck.

How do you prevent slippery decking?

Mould can make your deck more slippery. After the removal of mould, apply a water-repellent stain and permit it to dry for at least two days. If your deck is persistently inclined to slippery zones, you may apply an anti-slip decking product.

With York Decking Co, we guarantee honest, ethical and upfront estimates on all jobs from the start, and ensure no hidden costs further down the track.

Contact us today for a free consultation and talk about your upcoming home renovation project!