Bendigo patio decking

Decking assumes a huge part in improving the look and style of your garden surroundings. All the more critically, garden decking gives a space where you can put relax seats and furniture whilst your children play in the garden.

At York Decking Co, we design and install smart and dependable outdoor decks for our customers who are renovating their outdoor areas/ patios/ BBQ areas.

With over ten years of decking experience, our builders can install and maintain decks using a range of different materials.

  • Wood

If you are keen on affordable and solid decking material, then wood is the correct decision. Our deck builders are familiar with various woods, and they can build a garden deck according to your particulars.

In the event that the floor around your garden isn’t level, don’t stress yourself; our designers have the experience, and they can build the deck off the ground.

A lumber deck needs standard upkeep to secure it against shading misfortune and weathering. Our deck specialists can stain and fix wooden floors to make them sturdy and appealing.

  • Composite wood

Composite wood is tough and impervious to decay; subsequently ideal for developing pool decks. Additionally, in spite of their prolonged exposure to the sun, composites don’t fade.

Here are the reasons why you ought to pick composite decking for your pool.

  • Ease to install

Composites come in the correct shapes and sizes; subsequently making their installation quicker.

  • Resist stains

Composites are permeable, and they can oppose stains and the development of greenery on their surfaces.

  • Long-lasting

Composite wood is tough and impervious to wear and tears. Additionally, composites accompany guarantees of between 10-25 years.

  • Reduced maintenance

Keeping up a composite deck is straight forward; for example, you just need cleanser and water to clean them.

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