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Composite decking is often described by low maintenance, solidness, and simplicity of installation. We comprehend the substance of composite items, and we can utilise them to install great decks in your outdoor space.

Note that composite woods are produced using reused materials, for example, plastics and wood filaments. One thing you have to think about composites is that they are eco-accommodating and impervious to decay.

If you need a low-support deck, go for the composite one. Our deck installers can plan and build a floor that accommodates your preferences.

There are numerous kinds of composite decking, and being comfortable with them will assist you with settling on the correct decision.

Here is a rundown of the sorts of composite decking.

  • Ekodeck

Ekodeck materials look like natural timber, but they are more durable and more comfortable to maintain. Ekodeck products come in different colors and sizes. For instance, the standard size for Ekodeck is 88x23mm and 137x23mm.

  • Futurewood

Futurewood materials are produced using reused plastics, rice husks, and lumber. In contrast to normal wood, futurewood decks are anything but difficult to build, and they require little upkeep.

  • Modwood decking

Modwood items are flexible, and they come in various hues, sizes, and shapes. The flexibility of this item permits you to choose an alternative that meets your requirements.

At York Decking Co, our deck specialists are familiar with modwood materials, and they can use them to build patios, verandah, and pool decks.

Likewise, modwoods are produced using reused plastics and saw residue, and they are accessible in either 137x23mm or 88x23mm.

Why our composite decking?

  • Our deck builders have ability in the determination and establishment of the correct composite items that are in accordance with your necessities.
  • We give top notch services tweaked to meet your styles and financial plans.
  • We use the most eco-friendly decking materials, for example, wood and bamboo.

At York Decking Co, we generally tune in to customers suppositions and pay attention to their views.

We are focused on installing sturdy, reasonable, and practical decks with a long term ensure.

More importantly, we stock a wide range of composite items for your private and business prerequisite. Additionally, we manufacture and keep up decks in the York area.

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